The End Of The Game: Best Gifs From The Season Finale Of Marrying The Game

On the season finale of Marrying The Game, Jayceon and Tiffney finally come to terms with ending their relationship when celebrating their son’s Justice birthday for the first time not as family.  It took his birthday to both realize with certainty they’re now living completely separate lives and maybe  now is good enough time as ever to start dating again.

Click inside for the best gifs summarizing what went down last night:

The Game sits with his good friend Lisa Raye to reveal although it didn’t work out with Tiffney, he’s,”ready for the possibility of eternal happiness.” Lisa Raye really understands.

Justice is happy about making his own cake with sis Cali, but is even more excited that he can put on his own gloves.

A good friend of Tiffney notices her fear of moving forward and getting back into the dating game, and the reality of it all brings Tiffney to tears.

After nine years of dating only Tiffney, The Game gets ready for his first, first date. Oil. Skin. The Game. We can watch this over, and over, and over again.

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