Black Outs, Marriage, + Tennis Courts :Top 20 Moments In Photos of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 11

  • kaleenahair

    Kalenna we love you girl, but that super thick purple lacefront gets no love.

  • TammyEmotional

    When someone says they don’t want to get emotional, they always get emotional.

  • EricaPinkettScrappy

    Oh snap, Erica Pinkett pulled out Scrappy’s government: “What does Daryl have to say for himself?”

  • BlackScreenHit

    The moment we all thought something was wrong with our televisions.

  • EricaPimpSlapped

    Erica P. always has security holding her back or nah?

  • JoselineStevieTennis

    Joseline and Stevie J have a tennis court though?

  • joselineface

    The face you make when….ummmm, we got nothing.

  • StevieIDidn

    Stevie like Jay-Z said, “We need more people.”

  • BulletBenzino

    Bullet holes are more important than booty holes.

  • BenzinoNeck

    Fact: Benzino has a neck!

  • TammyWakaMarried

    Tammy went in the court house Ms. Rivera and came out Mrs. Malphurs.

  • ashleyscrew

    Ashley was like, “Turn down for whettt?”

  • DebsFace

    The face you make when you find out your son eloped.

  • KaleenaTony

    So let’s get this straight: your son stays with his grandparents because for three years y’all stayed in the studio?

  • MommaDeehair

    Yasssss Momma Dee for that new hair!

  • EricaPinkettCry

    Wait what did we miss, Scrappy put his paws on Erica P?

  • altheawife

    Althea finally going to be someone’s wife, she looked as shocked as we were.

  • Ring

  • joselineboss

    “B*tch, I’m a boss.”

  • karliejoselinefriends

    Since when did Karlie Redd and Joseline become bffs?

  • endimage

    Tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

Wait, Benzino’s proposal to Althea way too soon, or nah? Will Joseline really follow through with teaching Stevie J a lesson on how to treat his wife? What was up with the “black screen” during the Erica Pinkett / Scrappy argument? Did Kaleena make the right choice ending her “relationship” with Ashley? When did Karlie and Joseline start to care so much about each other? Whatttttt is going on?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 11 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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