Throwback To Nicole Richie’s Many Careers

  • Nicole Richie 2003

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  • Kids In America – Nicole Richie

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  • Truth About Diamonds

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  • House of Harlow 1960

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  • Nicole Richie Maternity Line

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  • Nicole Richie 2010

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  • Nicole Richie

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  • Nicole Richie Jessica Simpson

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  • Nicole Richie and Lionel Richie

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Candidly Nicole kicks off next week and we are reminded that not only is Nicole Richie a fashion icon, wife, mother and funny lady but she’s worn many a hat since she exploded into the pop culture stratosphere in 2003. Nicole is a trained musician, a fashion designer, a best selling author, an actress and more.

Click through our gallery to relive all of Nicole’s early years and find out some things you never knew. (She and dad, Lionel Richie performed “their” song “Climbing” in concert and it’s incredible.)

Check the link below for an early demo recording of her singing the song “Dandelion.” What do you think? Should Nicole take a dip back into the musical pond? Did you know she was so multi talented?

Be sure to tune into Candidly Nicole next Thursday, July 17 at 10 PM ET/PT.