99 Problems: Top 5 Highlights Of Hit The Floor Episode 7

Now that Jelena has successfully shamed Sloane into hiding, the dance captain exploits Sloane’s absence to give herself a more prominent look. But on the personal side her life is in shambles when she gets an ultimatum from Zero while she’s still caught in her love feelings towards Terrence.

Raquel still grappling with her own secrets, confides in Sloane but not with out Jude finding out her true motivations. Ahsha still riding off her anger towards Derek’s drug problems, has to help the other man in her life, her father Coach Davenport with his alcohol problem.

Check out the week’s top 5 moments from our favorite scripted series, Hit The Floor that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice.

Does Pete Need Some AA Help?
When Ahsha tells Sloane that she was nursing Poppa Pete’s hangover, Sloane tells Ahsha about Pete’s history of drinking.

Ballin: Kyle Receives A Personal Valet
Forget jewelry, one of Kyle’s admirers gifts her with Wendall, a personal valet for Kyle to use however she pleases.

Ahsha Gets Gangsta With Jelena
After Ahsha learns that Jelena is behind the nude photo of Sloane at Derek’s roast, Ahsha tells Jelena that she is coming for her.

Jelena Dreams Of A Future With Terrence
When Terrence’s friend, Vance, is led to believe that Jelena and Terrence are married, Jelena begins to fantasize about her future life with Terrence.

Jude Ear Hustles Raquel and Sloane
While Raquel is revealing her “folder secret” to Sloane, Jude overhears Raquel say how much she wants to Sloane to take Oscar down.

Tune into Hit The Floor next Monday at 9 PM ET to see what happens next.

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