Photographic Proof That Ahsha And Jelena Are Actually Friends In Real Life

Jelena Howard has spent nearly two seasons of Hit The Floor making life hell for Ahsha Hayes. Jelena’s the one who revealed to Ahsha that Pete was her dad, she’s tried to get Ahsha kicked off the Devil Girls, and she’s tried to sabotage Ahsha’s relationship with Derek more times than we can count. And this week, Ahsha swore she’d get her revenge.

We’ve pointed out in the past just how great of an actress Logan Browning is, because she has the world convinced that she’s a cold-hearted B when in reality she’s a sweetheart, and just to add to that sentiment, we wanted to point out how close she is to Taylour Paige, her on-screen nemesis. The ladies’ friendship is well-documented on Instagram, from on-set antics to trips to Coachella with the rest of the Devil Girls. Check out the photographic proof that these two are not coming for each other in real life. Acting!