Behind The Scenes On Hit The Floor With James LaRosa Who Is Actually A Hideous Monster

Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week he shares with us some backstage shots of the cast being interviewed for Entertainment Tonight on the set and reveals what happened on set when actual earthquake hit during filming. Read all the juicy details from James now!

Here Taylour, Logan and Kat are being interviewed for Entertainment Tonight by Rocsi Diaz. They taught her a move from this week’s dance. I learned some of it as well – the hand stuff, which is amazing. Anything else would put me in traction. I was beaming watching this interview. Partially because the ladies were so effing charming, all smiles, and you could see how much they loved each other. And partially because I was seeing how far we’ve come, all of us together. We were this random show called Bounce that no one had seen yet, we all just hopped on, trusted each other and became a family. CHEESE ALERT! But it is what it is. Spoiler: we loved Rocsi so much that I drafted her onto the show a couple episodes later. Keep your eyes peeled!

This is behind the scenes of the Off The Court web series I do, those post-show commentary sessions you can find here on and on the DVDs. They go something like this: I’m plied with caffeine, they ask me questions about the show and then I answer while gesticulating wildly with my hands like a good Italian. I love doing these, because I trained myself not to reveal anything about anything that happens on this show, and this is the time I have to! So I can talk and talk and talk about everything that’s happened and everything coming up. I actually have to go through hair, make-up and wardrobe for this. Because, FUN FACT: I’m a hideous monster! At least that’s what I can only assume since they scheduled an hour and a half for this to fix my ass. We can’t all be m******f****** Dean Cain.

This picture is behind the scenes of our promo shoot. Sweat sweat and more sweat. The concept was it was a fever dream, with crazy locker room images that almost but don’t quite make sense. But they’d be hot. Because duh. No one takes themselves too seriously here, so it was only so long after hours and hours of smoldering sexiness that someone had to break, and this was the moment the gang fell out into the giggles. There was a lot from this shoot you never saw that was a bit TOO hot for TV, like Derek helping Kyle stretch which looked like an early 80’s porn that Ahsha would’ve cut a b**** over. Maybe someday they’ll come to light. And then I’ll go to jail.

Our script supervisor Joanne takes painstaking notes for every take of every scene. During the heartwarming scene between Kimberly Elise and Taylour Paige where Ahsha comforts Sloane after her photo was shown at the roast, you’ll see Joanne’s note here: “incomplete due to earthquake.” EARTHQUAKE. Yes, these two actresses are pros though, when the walls started to shake they stayed there and held their emotional… ok f*** that they hauled ass along with everyone else. I didn’t run, because I’m strong. I’m also, it turns out, the first person likely to die in an earthquake because their dumb ass sat there like a dumb ass.