The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Ladies Give Their Two Cents On Benzino And Althea’s Relationship

This week on Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta the hopeless romantic Benzino got down on bended knee and asked for Althea’s hand in marriage. We weren’t surprised she said yes, but we were a bit thrown off it came so soon after Zino received the news that Stevie J had smashed the homie (homie meaning Althea) in the past.

Known for loving hard and falling in love in quick (remember the ring he gave and took back from Karlie Redd season 1), we’re hoping Benzino made the right decision. We wrangled up a few of the ladies of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta to see what they thought about Benzino’s decision to wife up Thi Thi, and  whether it was a match or a mistake. Talk about keeping it real, you won’t believe what they had to say :

“They’re confusing. They’ve got that Bobby and Whitney [relationship]. Rest in peace Whitney. They’ve got that turn-up-love.” – Rasheeda Frost

“No. That relationship ain’t going to last because she don’t want him for him. She’s an opportunist. She’s in it for the moment and she want to be a star. Once again, she like an old lady. Because she like 45 too. About 39, 38 and she never made it. She claims to have a record label. B*tch you aint never had no record label and you’re not about to get one now. Not at your age. You gotta compete with ho*s like me. Give it up. Hang it up. That’s not going to last.” – Joseline Hernandez

“From what I see, I will say she seems like someone who can balance him out. He’s kind of old and he’s needs to settle down. She seems like a good match for him. She seems like a sweet girl. I think it could be a forever moment if they don’t let the outside factors get inside.” – Tammy Rivera

“The one that’s up in the club? Mistake! Fail! Um? Fail! She was there for Stevie and Nikko too. Okay next!” – Erica Dixon

“Ok. I don’t know Ms. Althea. But I do know from what I do know about Benzino, that Benzino loves to be in love so I hope he made the right decision with this one. I hope he doesn’t find out some things about her that you know will make them not work out. I mean maybe she tightened it up for him, I don’t know.” – Mimi Faust

“Number one mistake. A mistake that’s going to fail.” – Karlie Redd

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