Hit The Floor: One Big Happy Family Behind The Scenes

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Believe it or not, the cast of Hit The Floor isn’t always interested in stirring up the drama. They might be good at being super serious on set, but as soon as “that’s a wrap” is blurted out, these cast members love each other more than we think! (And, not that you need us to tell you, but Kat Bailess is hilarious on and off-screen all the time.)

For instance, who would’ve thought Devil Girl, Jelena would even think of standing next to Ahsha to pose for a picture? And Derek and Zero hanging out? Who would have thought! Although the dangerous and competitive world of pro-basketball may have trained them to be deceptive, we all know these smiles can’t be faked!

Take a look at the cast’s pearly whites, goofy faces, and tight embraces – it couldn’t be clearer that when the drama subsides and the devil horns disappear, the cast of Hit The Floor is truly one big happy family! Don’t believe it? These behind the scenes photos will show you just how cute they really are – flip through and we promise you won’t be able to stop yourself from saying “awww!”

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