In Search Of A Misfit With Issues: Linda Perry On The Artists She Chooses To Work With

Pink, Alicia Keys, and Celine Dion may not have much in common with each other, genre-wise, but they’ve all found success working with Linda Perry. What’s the common thread that ties all of Linda’s artistic collaborations together? She only works with artists that inspire her.

In this interview, Linda explains how she’s made a career out of collaborating by using her instincts and vibing with her artists. The same holds true of the young artists that she’ll mentor on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project. “I guess I was looking for misfits, basically,” she admits to us, referring to the musicians she chose to work with on her show. “I thought it would be good to just find people that I could help in some way, maybe I could help them break through to the next level…I can read people really well, they had to have talent, they had to have that something, and maybe I didn’t necessarily have to like their music, but that was the challenge for me, that’s how it made it interesting for me…I picked people that would challenge me emotionally.”

Make Or Break premieres Wednesday, July 16th at 10PM ET/PT.