Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Is The Anti-American Idol

“It’s really not about the music, it’s about the judges, it’s about the panel, it’s about the dismissal, it’s about the contest, it’s about the win,” Linda Perry says, describing every other music competition on TV today.

But make no mistake, Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project is not a competition. The artists on the show are the genuine article, each with a pedigree and a passion for music that many other pop-star-wannabes on TV don’t have, and Linda’s show doesn’t have a weekly rejection ceremony like the others. Instead, she works with her mentees and fosters their talents instead of cheekily degrading them or taunting them for being pitchy. At it’s core, her show is about “the heart and passion of where music comes from, where a song comes from, where the artist comes from.” It’s about nurturing the process, above all.

Find out more about Linda and the artists she’s working with when Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project premieres on July 16th at 10PM ET/PT.