Everbody’s Apologizing: Top 25 Moments In Photos of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 12

  • EvaCuteness

    How cute is Eva?

  • StevieJDaddy

    Stevie J the father > Stevie J the busdriver.

  • SorryParty

    Way too literal in the decorations.

  • AltheaDiaper

    Erica didn’t say Althea was wearing a diaper did she?

  • FullcircleBobbyV

    Bobby V on his backyard BBQ tour.

  • ShirleenPradaGlasses

    Buy Mama Shirleen a designer pair of glasses and she forgives all.

  • KarlieKills

    The glare you give when your ex shouts out his current girlfriend.

  • JoselineShopping

    Joseline gets some retail therapy before she heads out of town.

  • KmichelleReturns

    Oh hey K!!

  • JustApologized

    This better not catch on.

  • Scrappy-MommaDee

    Scrappy c’mon there is never an excuse to put your paws on a woman.

  • ThelmaLouise

    Thelma and Louise.

  • AltheaApology

    Althea really thought she had to apologize at the “apology” party?

  • JoselineandKarlieCatchUp

    All types of shade thrown when these two get together.

  • JoselineandKMichelle

    Friends because they have the same enemies, or nah?

  • JoselineThing

    So the first time you watched the sex tape what was your initial reaction?

  • JoselineReactionFace

    A. Disgusted

  • Kmichelleshocked

    B. Disbelief

  • ArielReaction

    C. Dead

  • JoselineLeaving

    Joseline was ret’ ta’ go.

  • JoselinesShoe

    Not the house shoes.

  • ScrappyShirt

    Someone fire Scrappy’s stylist right now.

  • LoveHipHopAt_NA_85197855_1493161

    VLAD TV pulled out exhibit A on Nikko and Mimi.

  • NikkoReactionToCamera

    Nikko triying not to laugh after he said there was no cameraman.

Wait, did Althea really think she had to apologize because she was at a “apology party”? Will Kirk and Mrs. Shirleen stay in good graces? Will Joseline be able to maintain her career without the help of Stevie J? Is Erica Pinkett really want a friend who did what Scrappy did? How entertaining we’re the cast interactions to the sextape? Didn’t it seem like Nikko and Mimi weren’t telling the truth about the production of the tape? Whatttttt is going on?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 12 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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