Watchin’ That Sex Tape Like Jay And Bey: The Best Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Memes Of The Night

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There were so many amazing moments on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, like when K.Michelle and Joseline hung out (hi, K! Glad to have you back!) and annihilated Mimi with their sex tape commentary, or when Ariane and Erica hung out and couldn’t even bear to watch the tape after a few minutes. Or when Mimi and Nikko went in front of the cameras and had the most awkward interview ever. It was almost a surreal experience seeing all these moments come to a head (no pun intended…we don’t think).

You guys were there to catch the best moments and turn then into something hilarious, so today we have some of the best memes of the season in our gallery. Take a peek!

[Photos: Instagram/Facebook]