Expect The Unexpected : Top 5 Highlights Of Hit The Floor Episode 8

What you don’t do is threaten Jelena Howard ever. She swiftly annihilates those who get in the way of her plans, and this week Zero learned the hard way, and now that Ahsha’s plotting on her she better be careful as well.

Meanwhile Sloane and Raquel’s investigation of Oscar hits a nasty roadblock, and Lionel and Pete’s relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Check out the week’s top 5 moments from our favorite scripted series, Hit The Floor that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice.

Zero Threatens To Throw Salt In The Game
In an effort to swing Jelena’s decision between Zero and Terrence, Zero threatens to throw the rest of the basketball season if Jelena doesn’t choose him.

Ahsha Plots On Jelena’s Downfall
While in the locker room Ahsha outlines to Kyle her step-by-step plan to get revenge on Jelena.

The Devil Girls Perform At Halftime
The Devil Girls perform a sexy dance number at the halftime of one of the L.A. Devils games.

Jelena’s TV Interview Puts Zero On Blast
Jelena talks with Extra about her leaked e-mail message that discussed Zero being linked to an escort service.

Yes, Jude Kisses Zero
While consoling Zero for what Jelena did to him and having lost all his sponsors, Jude goes in for a kiss.]

Tune in to see what happens on the next Hit The Floor, Mondays 9/8c.

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