James LaRosa Exposes The Torrid Affairs That Plague The Set Of Hit The Floor

Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week he shares with us some great shots of the torrid affairs that happen inside trailers, that crazy extensions that get clipped in in the makeup chair, and, oh yeah, the dance rehearsals.

There are so many unsung heroes on hashtag Hit The Floor. This blur in the background is Paula Ashby, who’s in charge of all things hair. She’s a blur because we have one of the largest casts on TV, including 13 series regulars and 11 additional dancers who whip that ish like it’s their jobs. Cuz it is. So Paula’s always moving. Here she is attaching every piece of hair in the trailer to my head. Because this is what two rational grown-ass adults do at the end of a 14 hour day. I don’t think I’ve ever looked hotter, or more flammable.

This is my assistant Kristen, who does everything for me. She makes sure I’m fed constantly (bad things happen if tummy empty) and that I’m wildly caffeinated at all times. Here she is on set at the airport acting as McKinley’s mustache, which is extremely important. She and I do this superfun thing where I fire her and then immediately rehire her. It’s hilarious, I do it all the time, how could you not laugh? Right Kristen? RIGHT KRISTEN? Ha, she’s crying so hard from all that laughter. Now Kristen bring me my Skittles with the purples picked out or I swear to God I’ll give you something to cry about…

Here, Logan, Taylour and the rest of the Devil Girls teach me the choreography from My Radar, this week’s dance. Or try to. I will dance my ass off at the club, and I will clean the floor with my ass (mop mop), but asking me to learn three moves in a row is like asking me to pilot a 747 with my tongue. It can be done but not without a lot of effort and drooling. The arm movements in this were killing me, but somehow I mastered the part where you pat down your ladybusiness like a boss.

Here, Taylour stumbled on me and the director of this week’s episode, Daisy Mayer, having a torrid affair in her trailer. Listen, set life can get pretty lonely. And Daisy is sex on legs. So, you know, sorry. PS I paid for Taylour’s therapy and after 3 months I’m pleased to report she’s almost ready to talk about this.