From The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Case Files: Are Stevie J + Joseline Married or Not? [PHASE TWELVE]

It has almost been one year since Hip Hop Weekly Magazine ran the cover story “Stevie J & Joseline Married!!!” that shook the world. Now 12 weeks deep into Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and we still don’t know what to think. Are Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J married or not? Last week we felt the tension rise between Stevie and his Puerto Rican princess but this week…it was boiling. We have been keeping close tabs on Stevie and Joseline & due to the crazy amount of evidence we have supporting the fact that the two aren’t married we decided to switch it up and include more clues. And get ready because a featured testimonial tweet from Benzino is even in the following pages.

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Lets get to it.

Case File: Stevie J + Joseline: Married Or Not?
Docket #: LHHATL312

The following evidence supports the position that Stevie J + Joseline are NOT married.

Exhibit A: Althea and Joseline have something in common…Using Stevie

I’m sorry… WHAT. Did Joseline Hernandez actually just admit that she is with Stevie to boost her career or am I dreaming? Her proof that the rumor of Stevie J and Althea really isn’t a rumor but the truth, is that Thi Thi “took him down” for the same reason she did. Jos says, “I mean she only took you down for the same reason I took you down… to try to get up” she even admits that “every b*tch he has ever had used him.” The best part is it doesn’t even faze Stevie, he knows it’s the truth and he may even be proud of it. And that right there is solid evidence that the “happy married couple”, really isn’t married or even happy at all.

Exhibit B: Goodbye Hip Hop Weekly

This past episode was just too good to be true. In her flee from ATL to NYC Joseline got Stevie’s attention. Stevie begged her to stay by promising he never smashed as Jos ran out of the house telling him she was done with the drama, and the headache. But, the big apple and a break from Stevie were calling her name. Joseline was already pissed but the second Stevie took it as a joke she got even more heated and flew down the steps with her suitcase trailing behind her. When she went to put the bag in her trunk miraculously out of no where came the Hip Hop Weekly cover that started this all. Joseline took the magazine ripped it up, threw it on the floor, and said “that’s going in the garbage, this right here is b/s, we are b/s.” Plain and simple evidence.

Exhibit C: All the Single Stevie’s (All the Single Stevie’s)

Social media simply couldn’t have been better this week. It didn’t even take getting our hands dirty searching through pages of tweets because look what we found here, a tweet from Stevie J that read, “I’m living the single life!” I mean, is there even anything to say in response to this? I guess he’s single now and there has been no word of a divorce. This tweet is proof that points directly to NOT.

Exhibit D: The Ring

This week we want to give a big thank you to Angela Rene Timmons for providing us with some dirt. She brought our attention to the fact that Joseline was wearing her so called “engagement ring” in the first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. If only Stevie and Jos were better at covering up their tracks this wouldn’t be so easy for us! If you Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #KnotOrKnot you could be our featured fan next week!

Exhibit E: Zino

The evidence you have all been waiting for… drum roll please. When Benzino goes against Stevie and their untouchable bromance something is definitely up. We were speechless when we saw this tweet that Benzino wrote on Tuesday. The tweet confirmed that there is more proof out there about the marriage being fake, and the one person who had Stevie’s back through it all is no longer on his side. Not to mention the all caps made it even more AGGRESSIVE AND SERIOUS. Also, Zino tweeted tweeted a day later saying “at the end of the day @hitmansteviej lost a great, loyal, caring friend, and I gained piece if mind and an incredible woman…” So our best guess is Stevie smashed the homie and found himself in yet another lie.

For a second we debated closing the books and ending our entire investigation after Zino rocked the internet to its core with this tweet. But, instead we decided to contact Benzino for a response and an answer. So, don’t forget to check in next week for that because we will be working hard to get one.

The following evidence supports the position that Stevie J + Joseline ARE married.

Exhibit A: Joseline Has Emotions

You know that something is up when Joseline isn’t putting on a front. Going through Stevie’s phone and hearing the “Hothea” news from Karlee really made Jos second guess her relationship. Last week it came as a shock that the two weren’t sleeping in the same bed (which meant Joseline wasn’t getting her “beefcake”). And then this we couldn’t believe our eyes when she packed up her bags and said she needed some time apart. Nothing can make the Puerto Rican princess crumble so Stevie must have really hurt her.

Now, you might be confused why this evidence points to the ball and chain but just listen we’re getting to it. When Stevie was running after Joseline begging her to not leave, promising he never smashed the homie, she turned and said “I’m starting to feel like you hate me, because if you don’t hate me you would not do the things that you do to me.” And I’m sorry, doesn’t it even sound like Mrs.Joseline Hernandez is about to cry? BAM, evidence that the knot is tied. If they weren’t married then Joseleine wouldn’t care about Stevie sleeping around. And more lovey dovy evidence was found when Joseline told K.Michelle that she loves her husband in the studio in NYC.

Exhibit B: The Couple Takes The Stage

Stevie J and Joseline hosted the Pre BET Awards Party with a live performance two weeks ago. Happy wife, happy life right? And we all know what makes Joseline happy… her music & her career. After performing, opening (and stealing) the show Stevie introduces Joseline onto the stage calling her “the most beautiful, sexy, and baddest b*tch in the world.” He then points to her and sings “it’s a beautiful day when you love someone” then they kiss. While performing they look like a married couple and there is a ring on her finger but why doesn’t he refer to her as his wife? They definitely kill it on the stage together but let us know if you think it’s all for the performance or if this is real love.

All this juicy evidence wraps up phase 12. Do you have any findings to add? Have you reached a conclusion yet?

Review the facts from phase 11 here and share your thoughts and evidence by using the hashtag #KnotOrNot on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure to check in next week.

By: Hannah D Friedland @HinnyD