Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Bonus Clip: Nikko Wants To Make A Sequel

One of the reasons it’s impossible to believe that Nikko didn’t leak that sex tape is because he’s so proud of it. In this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta bonus clip, he and Mimi walk out of the DJ Vlad interview (in slow motion, of course) and Nikko is amped up because he thinks they knocked that interview out of the park. “To me, that was a great interview. I don’t see nothing wrong with it,” he tells Mimi. Did HE see what WE just saw? Because that interview was the opposite of great, in fact, it was downright uncomfortable and awful, and even Mimi knows it.

Mimi tries to figure out how Nikko could think it went well and she tells him the one thing we’ve always thought too, “You gotta think before you speak!” But he continues to NOT do that, telling Mimi he’s “absolutely proud of what we done in bed together.” We. Can’t. Anymore. With. This. Guy.

Watch the clip now and do your neck stretches, ’cause you’ll be shaking your head the whole time.