Married For Money, Feuding With Brandi & More LeAnn & Eddie Myths Dispelled

If you believe the media, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are on the verge of divorce, constantly at odds with Brandi Glanville and are constantly battling an assortment of inner demons at all times. And that’s exactly why they decided to film their reality show, LeAnn & Eddie which premieres tonight at 10:30PM ET/PT — because it’s time to dispel the myths. They address all the issues above and more on the show, and his past Tuesday, LeAnn and Eddie sat with a bunch of journalists who got to ask them anything else that they wanted to get off their chests. The answers were pretty surprising.

In the clip above, moderator and host of VH1’s The Gossip Table, Noah Levy, asked them why they decided to film their lives. Both of them acknowledged that the way that they got together, while they were both married to other people, was not a funny situation, but what’s been written about it is hysterical. “We really do love each other,” Eddie added. “Despite what people think. As long as she has money. If she didn’t have money, I’d be gone!”

Joking aside, Eddie revealed that the reports of a feud with his ex-wife Glanville have always been more blown-out than they really are. “There’s a perception that there’s this feud that’s going on. The truth is, we’re really at peace. My wife and I are at peace with our family and we can only control what we do, we don’t try to fight back, we try to live our lives.”

Finally, when it comes down to the question of which one of them is the bigger gay icon, LeAnn summed it up by saying they both are: “They look at him and they listen to me sing and they’re totally good.”

Stay tuned for part two of the interview, in which Eddie jokes about why their sex dungeon was off-limits to the cameras and how their show is different from Tori & Dean. You don’t want to miss those answers!