Sex Dungeons & L.A. Douchebags: LeAnn & Eddie Discuss Their Issues At Premiere Party

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are not known for being a “normal couple.” They’re known for being in the tabloids all the time, for being involved in a lot of personal drama, and, oh, yeah, for their careers as entertainers. After attending a recent screening of the premiere episode of VH1’s new show, LeAnn & Eddie we learned a few details about them that may not make them more “normal,” per se, after all, they are celebrities, but they certainly made us realize they’re actually just a pretty funny, cool couple. In the interview above, taken at their premiere party, they answered the crowd’s questions about their first impressions of each other, worrying that the show might create a rift in their marriage, and how women can be hard on other women in the media. Our favorite moments:

1. When LeAnn first met Eddie, she says she thought he was just “another L.A. douchebag.”

2. The only thing off limits when they were filming their show were Eddie’s kids, and, oh yeah, their sex dungeon. (“Just kidding! Don’t print it!” Cibrian laughed.)

3. They trust each other implicitly, despite the way they famously got together. “I’ve learned what trust is, I didn’t know what it was before, I didn’t have a partner who I respected. I really, I love and respect my wife,” Eddie says. “Trust is not an issue.”

Get to know the real LeAnn & Eddie when their show premieres tonight at 10:30PM ET/PT on VH1!