VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up – Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Dating Naked + 2 More Series Premiere

After months of preparation and promotion, VH1 unveiled four brand-new series this week! On the series premiere of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Linda Perry began working with the artists in the studio while on the series premiere of Dating Naked, we watched as couples bared their skin in the quest for love. On the series premiere of Candidly Nicole, Nicole Richie helped her friend navigate the world of online dating while on the series premiere of LeAnn & Eddie, we got an inside look at one the most talked about Hollywood couples.

Meanwhile, on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi and Nikko dealt with the aftermath of their sex tape release while on Hit The Floor Jude kissed Zero. Watch highlights from this past week on VH1.

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project: Anjuli Stars Freestyles In The Studio

From Pink to Christina Aguilera, songwriter/producer Linda Perry has an outstanding resume. For the first time, Linda Perry has opened up her studio to help launch an unknown artists career. During Linda’s first session with Anjuli Stars, Anjuli is caught off-guard when Linda Perry asks her to freestyle and ad lib. In comparison to the first studio sessions of Gabriel Mayers and Noah Hunt, Linda Perry is extremely impressed with what Anjuli has to offer in the studio. We cannot wait to see how these artists develop and grow while working with Linda Perry!

Dating Naked: Is Joe A Player?

The series premiere of Dating Naked bared it all as we got to watch individuals try to find love while exposing everything from their skin to their soul. After all 3 dates, Wee Wee continues to feel the strongest connection with Joe (especially after their steamy kiss). But when Jasmine steals Joe away from the rest of the group for some one-on-one attention, Wee Wee feels disrespected and questions if Joe is a player.

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Gets In Over Her Head

On the series premiere of Candidly Nicole, Nicole helps her friend, Erin, navigate the online dating scene. After finding a match for her friend, Nicole pretends to be Erin while communicating with the potential suitor. Nicole ends up going on a texting rampage and it becomes clear that she is becoming too invested in the relationship. Did Nicole take things too far or was she just helping out Erin?

LeAnn & Eddie: Mario Lopez Interviews LeAnn & Eddie

On the series premiere of LeAnn & Eddie we got an inside look of the relationship behind the tabloid headlines. While at a charity event, Mario Lopez interviews Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes about the latest rumors that they are involved in a $50 Million divorce. Although Eddie does not like commenting on rumors, he set the record straight.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Did Mimi And Nikko Hire A Cameraman?

The sex tape watched around the world!!! Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape has finally been released and now it’s time for the couple to deal with all the publicity surrounding their sexual endeavors. As Joseline and K.Michelle watched the tape, they firmly believed that it was professionally filmed. During an interview following the release of the tape, Mimi and Nikko face some uncomfortable questions as they are challenged on the professionalism of the tape. Do you think a cameraman was involved in the making of their sex tape?

Hit The Floor: Jude Kisses Zero

This past episode was full of surprises! From the cliffhanger with Pete and Ahsha to Jelena’s twisted devilish plan, this was one of our favorite episodes of the entire series! After Jelena has Ahsha play right into her hand and have Zero’s basketball career in shambles, Zero is a complete wreck for having lost all his sponsors. While consoling Zero for everything that has happened, Jude kisses him. WHAT!?!?! Did you see that one coming?!

What are your thoughts on Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape? Is Jude gay? Who is your favorite musician so far on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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