Memes, Mold + Vaginal Mileage: Funniest 15 Moments of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 12

  • NikkoViral

    Nikko’s ‘ole happy-to-be-going-viral ass.

  • MimiMileage

    “Joseline’s got more miles on her pussy than eight of meeees, so let’s do the math on that. ” – Mimi Faust

  • KaleenaStudio

    No shade, but Kaleena actually has real deal musical talent.

  • RasheedaPreggers

    Rasheeda’s face when Kaleena reveals she’s pregnant. Priceless.

  • JoselineWorkingOut

    Joseline’s on that Kanye workout plan.

  • BemzinoStevie

    Aww better times…

  • BambiRingLook

    The face you SHOULDN’T make when a man gets you a ring – even if it’s a promise one.

  • DawnNoseJob

    Dawn got a nose job or nah?

  • DawnBigAng

    Dawn is serving us Big Ang realness with this look.

  • TonyMold


  • MommaDeeScooter

    Momma Dee wants her scooter ,not news about a promise ring!

  • Mimi+3

    Let’s have lunch and read Mimi for filth while we wait for appetizers.

  • ArianeCrying

    Slow single tear? Ariane really cares about her Mimi.

  • JoselineMimiCover

    No Joseline, we don’t think this was a joke. The magazine is on newsstands.

  • JoselineRecycle

    C’mon they could’ve recycled.

  • endimage

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Wait, there was something different about Dawn’s look right? Does Mimi really think she was going to get $10,000 for a cover? Why was Nikko so excited to be trending for a stolen sex tape? Wasn’t it good seeing Benzino and Stevie getting along? How caring and cute is Tony as a husband? Were Erica D, Ariana and Rasheeda gaining up on Mimi or being a friend? Why does Momma Dee want this scooter so bad? Whatttttt is going on?

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