Keeping It All The Way Real: Hit The Floor Episode 9 Video Recap

After Jude surprised kissed Zero last episode we were left on the edge of our seats to see how Zero would respond. He let Jude down but not really, and theY both shocked us by end of the episode. Ahsha and Sloane bond over Pete’s alcoholism, while Oscar tries to get Kyle, who will do anything for money to be a snitch.

Jelena and Terrence hook up all episode for some intense I-miss-you sex, and have a deep conversation about their past and how they plan to move forward stronger, while Derek and Ahsha relationship takes a major blow.

Check out the week’s top 5 moments from our favorite scripted series, Hit The Floor that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice.

Ahsha Gets Gangsta With Lionel
After Ahsha learns that Lionel allowed Pete to drink too much she tells Lionel to back off and stay away from Pete.

Oscar Needs Kyle To Be A Snitch
When Oscar gives Kyle a job to do, she is surprised when Oscar asks her to wear a microphone.

Jelena Supports Terrence For Once
After Terrence tells Jelena about his injury and plan to risk his entire career for a chance at a championship ring, Jelena supports Terrence’s decision.

Pete and Sloane Get Caught In Their Feelings
Baby mama Sloane and baby daddy Pete finally open old wounds, rehash their past, and get honest about their feelings.

Derek Gives Ahsha Her Pink Slip
When Derek learns that Ahsha has been keeping secrets from him and instead opening up to German, Derek ends his relationship with Ahsha.

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