Go Backstage With Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa For Some Killer Episode 9 Photos

Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week, he submits a few photos that are fun in and of themselves, but the stories behind them are truly amazing. Some of them miiight not be true though. Read on for James’ commentary about Kat Bailess’s incredible one-take hole in one on the golf course (TRUE), one amazing Devil Girl’s charitable efforts, and the time Morgan Freeman auditioned for the role of Jelena. YOU decide which one of those stories is the fake one…

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Here I am with two of my favoritest people on earth. You’d think we took this photo when we filmed the Hola dance, but no. Logan and Taylour wear these uniforms 24/7. I’m wearing one under my clothes for support. That’s right…for support. Fun fact: Logan originally read for the part of Ahsha. Morgan Freeman read for Jelena. Morgy could hairwhip like a beast but sadly he just had no chemistry with Rob Riley.

Here are Adam, Brent and I posing for our new album cover. This is the night we shot all the limo stuff. When Adam and Zero signed on, all they knew was Zero and Jude were co-conspirators. They had no idea they’d hook up. They were as shocked as the audience. Welcome to Hit The Floor! So much respect for how Adam and Brent attacked this storyline. It only confirmed what I felt about them when they auditioned for me: That they would each go far in their careers. Brent also got to experience something women have had to suffer through for years – beard burn! But who wouldn’t go through a little stubble trouble to make out with Adam Senn?

When you see characters on screen, what you don’t see are the dumploads of crew members standing juuuust off camera. Here the gorgeous Kat Bailess poses with just SOME of the people it took to film her sinking a golf ball in this week’s episode. FACT: Kat sank that shot from far away herself. In one take. That scream of hers you heard was real. We had to edit our screams out. It was that epic. She’d taken one golf lesson before that. But that’s Kat. Hashtag charmed. This day was also her birthday. Her cake wound up on my face. You’ll have to come back next week for that pic. (Photo credit: our 1st AD Nicole)

This is Courtney Galiano, aka Devil Girl Desiree. Here, Courtney demonstrates Devil Girls aren’t just glamazons, they’re also smart! Courtney’s been a star on Hit The Floor since day one when she famously hair-whipped Coach Pete clean across the face during try-outs. She can also be seen interviewing Sloane and Pete in our Inside The Arena webisodes right here on VH1.com. As if that wasn’t enough, Courtney is also a big time fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Diagnosed with MS herself, she said f*** that s***, I’m not just gonna sit around and do nothing, I’m gonna kick its ass. So she launched a non-profit that holds an annual dance event that raises scads of dough and flips the middle finger at a punk disease. Hit The Floor joined in last year and raised more than teams from every other show (if you think the Devils are competitive ON the court…). If you’d like to donate, go here to our brand spankin’ new page for this year’s event.

These fierce creatures are TeEn Rebellion. They and their creator/choreographer Melvin went all Devil Girls in their latest dance competition and won first place. I saw this picture and SWOONED. I love love love when people tweet me Devils-themed birthday cakes, Halloween costumes, artwork, etc etc… We at HTF work so hard making a show we’re so proud of, and to see how invested you guys are in it as well slaps big stupid smiles on all our faces. Keep it coming! And congrats Tuss, Jaydah, Raven, Anti, Atika, Susan, Dasia, Taiana, Qwateesha, Erica & Ebony. Thanks for making my week ladies, and thanks to @LoveAlwaysNayy for the heads up!