A Party By Candidly Nicole‘s Rules

On episode 2 of Candidly Nicole when Nicole’s younger sister Sofia decides to throw a house party, Nicole offers to chaperone the party. By Nicole’s rules there will be no sugar, no drinking, no smoking, no doing drugs, no spin the bottle, no naked jump roping, no orgy-hula-hooping, no keg stands, no one on the grass, no smoking grass, no wiling out, no sex, no blowies, no angry dragons, no flash photography, etc, etc, etc.

But when Nicole invites her friends over (including RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Courtney Act) things take a turn and she invents her own rules.

Walking on the lawn is okay when traveling on a drag queen’s back.

Drinking is okay when on a water slide.

But Nicole does offer one important question. How do you spell “wiling?”

New episodes of Candidly Nicole air Thursday at 10 PM ET/PT.