Exclusive: Wee Wee Talks About The Wee-Wee’s On The Premiere Episode Of Dating Naked

Before the newest episode of Dating Naked airs tomorrow night, we caught up with Wee Wee aka Christina Porcelli from the premiere episode to congratulate her for being the first person so brave and bold in her quest to find love that she was down to bare it all. We got all the juicy deets from her, including the details on the “parts” of the show that were censored out.

See what Wee Wee had to say about the dating naked experience, if she and Joe are actually dating, and if she would do it all again:

VH1: Dating naked had to go down in the history books as one your most memorable moments in life.
Christina “Wee Wee” Porcelli: Oh my God—I had a great time! That was like one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life.

Were you at all hesitant about the idea of trying to find love in this way?
I was nervous about a lot. I’m very comfortable being naked usually, but I was nervous for a stranger seeing me naked for the first time, and being set up with someone I had never met. I was even nervous about the other girls – I wasn’t sure how their personalities would be.

Where were you when you were filming?
We were in Panama, on an beautiful island called Bocas del Toro.

Let’s get to the good stuff, out of Joe, Jack, Justice who had the biggest package?
It’s not a fair guestimation because no one was “excited,” but going off what I saw in the state it was in, I would say Jack.

None of the guys got turned on?
(Laughs) No.

Who did you feel like was the most comfortable being naked?
I would say Joe.

Speaking of Joe, you guys chose each other. How is the relationship today, are you guys still together?
Our relationship is growing. We’ve talk every day on the phone, like a million times a day. We FaceTime, we Skype, but we’re actually going to see each other in two weeks. We haven’t seen each other physically—besides Skype or FaceTime—since the show. We talk every day—I don’t go one day without talking to him.

So it’s pretty serious?
It’s pretty serious, but it’s long distance so it’s kind of—it’s a little bit rough, ya know? I live in Nashville and he lives in New York.

Have you guys talked about moving closer?
We talk about that all the time and we’re kind of like, I think you should move here,’ ’I think you should move here.’We go back and forth, because we’re both very close with our families.

Tell us about Jasmine, was she that unlikable?
Yeah, I would say that she might’ve been a little worse than how she appeared on the show in my opinion (laughs). They don’t show her flirting with Jack, they left that out. I think she was flirting with me, I think she was flirting with Chrissy. You know what I mean? We were like, “What is this girl all about? Seriously, what is she trying to do?”

Did you get mad at Joe when the show aired?
It definitely makes me nauseous to watch those scenes. I turn around and watch those and I’m like “ughh.” I don’t hold anything against him because it is a dating show and you have to figure out who you have the biggest connection with.

You came off a little jealous, how has the public responded to you?
I’m jealous, but I’m O.K. with it. (laughs) Of course people have said mean thing like, ’I’m annoying or psychotic,’ but it’s mostly positive reactions.

Now that’s it over, do you have any regrets?
No regrets, none. I would do it again in a second—I swear!

If someone asked, you would go on another date naked?
It depends on where he wants to go!

Who Would You Have Wanted To Date Naked?

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