Oh My…The Steamiest, Sexiest GIFs Of This Week’s Episode Of Hit The Floor

The cast and writers of turned the heat all the way up on this week’s episode of Hit The Floor.

We’re talking scorching hot sex scenes that not only made us clutch our pearls, but made us consider making our own booty calls. Don’t believe us, check out the most intense moments from the sexiest Hit The Floor episode to date.

Jelena and Terrence didn’t seem like they were broke up we he slammed her against the wall.

Pulling the zipper down with that much precision is a real skill set.

Sloane and Pete had a deep conversation that lead to a even deeper kiss.

Jelena and Terrence released um, the tension.

Aftermath of a locker room quickie.

Who knew Zero who was getting in with Jelena in a church a few days ago, was secretly really into Jude!

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