Throwback To Taylour Paige As A Real Life Laker Girl

Stars they’re just like us! Before they make it big in the land of glitz and glamor and gluten allergies they have survival jobs. Some aspiring entertainers wait tables, some work in retail and some, well you know, they just start out as Laker Girls. That’s right. In case you didn’t know, Hit The Floor’s Taylour Paige was a real true blue purple Laker Girl back in 2010. As we discovered from our sleuthing on her old Formspring site, Taylour quit the dance troupe after a few months because she was spread too thin but we were able to unearth a few memorable shots.

Taylour Paige answers an anonymous question about why she quit the Laker Girls via

Check the gallery to see Taylour, before she was Ahsha, taking pictures for the Laker Girl Calendar back in 2011.