Dating Naked Episode 2: That Awkward Moment When…You’re Eating A Banana

Tonight on Dating Naked we met the San Francisco hairstylist Taryn and Aussie writer and self-proclaimed nerd Steven, two singles who had absolutely no chemistry with each other but entertained us by giving us some pretty awkwardly gif-able moments on their other butt naked dates.

Taryn was torn between Dar, a spiritual guy with Jesus hair and a good aura, and reformed party king Andrew with a nice smile. After straddling the fence and possibly giving up the goodies to both of them, Taryn ended up picking Andrew.

Steven, who failed to show his masculinity on his date with Taryn, wasn’t man enough again on his second date with the turnt up country gal Ashley, but fared much better on his date with the bubbly video gamer Marissa. In the end although she warned Steven she was a man eater, Steven choose Marissa hoping she wouldn’t chew him up and spit him out. Check out the best GIFs of the night:

Steven was digging for his dignity.

It’s cool to eat a banana. Eating a banana naked? Not so much.

When you’re  naked on a hot island things can get sticky.

Forget your exposing your vagina, Marissa was more concerned about the bugs.

Most Awkward Line Of The Night: “I’m going on three naked dates, you know what that means: six boobs!”

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Dating Naked Episode 2, Who Would You Date?

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