LeAnn Rimes Not Too LA To Drunk Sing With Gay Cowboys

On episode 2 of LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn Rimes country ways are put to the test when she’s with her southern friends for a girl’s weekends. While defending her right to not eat wheat flour, LeAnn goes ATV riding and line dancing with the ladies.

In a tequila-fueled moment, LeAnn truly gets back to her wild country ways when she gets called onstage to sing her hit “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” at a gay cowboy bar. Totally in her element, LeAnn slays the impromptu performance and reassures her oldest friends that she still possesses that Southern charm.

When a drunk LeAnn gets home from the bar, Eddie whisks her rediscovered country roots out of the kitchen but not before hitting her head against the wall. Ouch!

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