VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Mimi Graces The Cover Of Hip Hop Weekly + Derek Breaks Up With Ahsha

VH1 Summer was in full swing this week! On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline confronted Stevie J when she saw Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly magazine while on Hit The Floor, Derek broke up with Ahsha because of the secrets she kept from him.

On Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Linda Perry sent Noah Hunt home because of their lack of musical connection while on LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn Rimes returned to her country roots and gave an unplanned performance of “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” at a honky-tonk bar. Check out the highlights from this past week on VH1!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Shuts Stevie J Down

A few weeks ago Joseline was beyond excited to be the centerfold of the next issues of Hip Hop Weekly. However, after Mimi graces the cover of the same issues where Joseline is featured, Joseline is furious with Stevie J.

While Stevie J claims that Benzino went ahead and put Mimi on the cover without his approval, we aren’t exactly sure if we believe him. With the Puerto Rican Princess feeling disrespected and humiliated, we wonder what this means for their relationship as well as Stevie J’s friendship with Benzino.

Hit The Floor: Derek Breaks Up With Ahsha

Earlier this season we were ecstatic when Derek and Ahsha officially became a couple (aka Dersha). We loved these two together but as soon as the cocaine incident occurred, we knew there was trouble in paradise. While Jelena and Terrence rekindled their romance, Derek and Ahsha hit a brick wall. When Derek learns that Ahsha has been keeping secrets from him and instead opening up to German, Derek ends his relationship with Ahsha. Does this mean there is a chance for Ahsha and German (Part II)?!

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project: Linda Perry Sends Noah Hunt Home

In the words of Linda Perry, “It’s time to kill someone’s dream’. In the second episode of this new series, Linda gives Noah Hunt another chance to dig deep and allows his emotions to flow into his music. After their session by the piano, Linda decides to send Noah home because of their lack of connection. It didn’t take long for Noah to realize that Noah was not the right fit for her or her label. This leaves all the other artists on edge wondering if they could be the next to go.

Dating Naked: Who Will Taryn Choose?

After stripping down and going on a date with Dar, Taryn felt a connection between them. While on her third and final date with Andrew, Taryn began to question those feelings for Dar and was torn between the two. While back at the Jungle Villa at night Dar becomes jealous when he sees that an attraction and chemistry has formed between Taryn and Andrew. It left us wondering, who will Taryn choose?

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Turns Up

After volunteering to chaperone Sofia’s pool party, Nicole makes a “Too Cool For Rules?” list of things that cannot take place at this party. Nevertheless, once all of Nicole’s co-chaperones arrive to the pool party, things get a little rowdy as Nicole and her friends break the rules as Sofia and her friends watch on in awe.

LeAnn & Eddie: LeAnn Performs At A Country Bar

When LeAnn’s friends are in town, they bring her back to her Southern roots when they attend a honky-tonk bar. While downing shots and line dancing, LeAnn is recognized in the crowd and is brought up on stage to perform. Her impromptu rendition of “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” proves that LeAnn Rimes has still got it! You go girl!

Did Stevie J know about Mimi being on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly? Will Derek and Ahsha get back together? Who will Linda Perry send home next?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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