Benzino Puts A Ring On Althea, Again

It’s very obvious that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino and Althea are crazy about each other but just how crazy are they?

In a bonus clip from episode 13, Benzino throws Thi Thi a birthday party where he gives her new bling for her finger which she proudly shows-offs to the plebs in the audience but then comes the moment in front of their friends and family…Benzino lifts his shirt up to reveal Althea’s likeness on his torso.

Althea is visibly moved and bends down to kiss herself which is sort of cute and also weird but it did make us wonder, if they’re together, wouldn’t Thi Thi already have seen Zino shirtless before this party? I mean, I see him shirtless on his Instagram every other day, so. JK JK.

We’re super happy for Zino and Thi and wish them all the best. Tune into an all new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.