Hit The Floor Video Recap – Episode 10

After last week’s sexy (sexy, sexy) episode we weren’t sure what to expect this episode of Hit The Floor. This week’s episode is full of mysterious drama with a bit of Derek and Ahsha and German ish being drudged up. Meanwhile, Kyle puts her powers to use to find some dirt out about Olivia and a role she may have played. Sloane playing Nancy Drew (and maybe getting caught) and a possible pregnancy?! O.M.G.

Check out the week’s 5 most scandalous moments from our favorite scripted series, Hit The Floor that were so juicy, you just have to have seconds.

While snooping in, what she thinks is, Olivia’s empty home, Sloane is confronted by Chase.

Kyle finds out a shocking secret about Olivia and her being one of “Oscar’s girls.”

After her divorce is finalized, Lionel inspects the results to her pregnancy test. Could she be pregnant?

While Oscar and Sloane chat about Kyle, Jelena does some research of her own. What could she discover?

Find out how Jelena having this information could make the world come crumbling down on next week’s Hit The Floor next Monday at 9 PM ET/PT.