LeAnn Rimes With A Shotgun?! Eddie & LeAnn Head To Nashville

LeAnn Rimes may not strike you as the hunting type but in a sneak peek for this week’s LeAnn & Eddie we discover the country star once upon a time learned to hunt raccoons with a shotgun. In episode 3, LeAnn and Eddie visit Nashville to visit with LeAnn’s father.

It should be an interesting visit because as LeAnn puts it, Eddie doesn’t exactly fit in down south. She wants him to be prove he’s “more than just a pretty face.” The trip also poses to be dramatic because the singer’s relationship with her dad has been riddled with legal issues in the past.

Will LeAnn and her pops be a-okay? Will Eddie be able to prove that he’s more than a handsome man? Find out on an all new LeAnn & Eddie Wednesday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.