Dating Naked Awkwardness Poll: Horseback Riding, Ziplining Or Paddleboarding

Dating Naked pulled out all the stops this week when it came to finding activities for the naked daters to participate in. Let’s just take a moment to applaud the post-production editors for their work blurring the private parts of Dan while he paddleboarded and Keegan while he ziplined. Which activity would be the most uncomfortable to do while nude? We’ll let you decide.

We all know what happened next. Katie got a black eye, blamed everything on Keegan, made out with Scott, asked host Amy Paffrath to get naked and have a three-way with Amy’s husband, flipped off VH1 and, in a surprise twist, did not get picked as Keegan’s first choice.

Perhaps the greatest moment of the episode — that was not Katie-related, at least — was this exchange between Scott and Diane.

Scott: “This horseback riding is nice and tranquil except for I got my dong on his back.”

Diane: “I don’t think he minds.”

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