Bullies And Nerds Fight On This Week’s Dating Naked Sneak Peek

On this week’s Dating Naked episode, there’s a very interesting dynamic between two of the participants. Diane, the main female dater, has gone on dates with brawny, good-looking Keegan, as well as scrawny, geeky Dan. Essentially it’s as if she’s dated both the muscly Captain America version of Chris Evans and the CGI-wimpy version of him too. When they all meet up for drinks, it turns out that Keegan gets off on bullying Dan and making fun of the fact that he never drinks alcohol. “I would have made that kid cry in high school!” he brags.

We don’t mean to get all deep here, but it seems like maybe the real experiment on this week’s show has less to do with baring your body and more with baring your SOUL, huh? Watch and decide for yourself!

Dating Naked airs Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT.