Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: 9 Kids Is A Whole Team And Four Subs

So basically, we want Rasheeda to do every episode of Check Yourself from now on. Her commentary is TOO good. In this week’s clip, she watches herself at the doctor’s office with Kalenna and when she hears (again) that Tony has nine kids, she remarks, “Damn! That’s a whole team and four substitutes. One more, it’s two got-damn full squads.”

“You gotta leave me alone about my kids!” Kalenna responds. “’Cause you gotta lot of baby mamas too, goddamit!”

Later in the clip, Karlie and Joc react to her busting him at the fashion show with Khadijah. “You’re dumb!” Karlie exclaims about her cheating man. “Motherf—er, you’re stupid!” But Joc, he’s had an epiphany. See, now that the moment has passed, he’s gained come clarity and his take on being caught is summed up with one phrase: “Who gives a F—???!!” Watch the full episode of Check Yourself now!