THOTISM, Foot Jobs + Prenups: The Top Moments Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 15


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  • Mimi Deb

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  • Mimis Realization

  • Thi Tattoo

  • 2weeks

  • Prenup

  • Dwayne Wayne

  • Foot Job

  • golddigger

  • Thi Wedding Dress

  • Scrappy Glasses

  • sex swing

  • beat

  • renee

  • ericas face

  • ericas butt

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Did Joc just admit Karlie gave him a foot job??? We’re done. Dead.

This week’s episode had a lot of shockers: The aforementioned foot job. Pimento cheese. (UGH!) Althea’s rejected prenup. Momma Dee’s music career. Nikko’s WIFE. It’s official, this show jumped the shark like thirty times in one episode. We gathered up all of our favorite moments in one photo recap so we can relive the madness together, check it out. (And btw, don’t think we didn’t notice Scrappy’s homage to Dwayne Wayne…)