Exclusive Chat With Make Or Break‘s Aimee Of Hunter Valentine

Aimee Bessada via Facebook

The musicians of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project have the unique experience of living under one roof with a diverse and eclectic bunch of other artists. One of the fan favorites in the house is Aimee Bessada of punk-rock band Hunter Valentine. On this week’s episode, Linda Perry challenged Aimee to play an original solo piece on the streets of Los Angeles and discovered that Aimee music isn’t quite what she’s playing with Hunter Valentine. The artist caught up with VH1 recently about why she joined Hunter Valentine, whose musical career she aspires towards and who else she’s rooting for in the house.

How did Hunter Valentine come into your life?

Aimee: We’re all from Toronto and maybe eight years ago when I had my own band and they were living in Brooklyn. Whenever they came up to Toronto we would play shows together. We were just music buddies in the scene and then my band went separate ways. When I became free, Kiyomi and Laura were like, ‘Hey, you’re free, will you work with us?’

So far on the show your relationship with the ladies is tumultuous but when you joined did it seem like a good fit?

Aimee: When it started I really wanted to be touring and Kiyomi and Laura had this three month tour setup. It was exactly what I wanted to do. Everything that I was playing was stuff that was already written. When you’re playing other people’s stuff, it’s still enjoyable but you’re not as connected to it. I wanted to get to a point where I was playing stuff that I had written.

How did it feel when you were busking on the street with Hunter Valentine? What went through your head when Linda asked you to play solo?

Aimee: Well, I hate busking. I’ve never done it. I’ve never wanted to. I don’t really like playing for people unless I think they want to listen. Playing on the street is like constant, ’nobody gives a shit’, which I know is the point of the exercise but even still. When Linda asked each of us to do it [solo] I thought, ‘Okay, this is interesting because [Laura and I] both write songs and it was nice that she asked us to each do that. I didn’t particularly enjoy the moment, but that’s more because of the busking.

What was the experience like working with Linda Perry? What is she like?
Aimee: I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by how accurate her criticisms or advice was, but I was. I was constantly like, “Holy shit. She’s right.” It was great to work with someone who doesn’t have any bulls*** but is also f***ing accurate.

What was the experience like living with a bunch of musicians in a house?

Aimee: I thought it was a lot of fun. I have nothing but good things to take away from that experience. When I think back on it, I know at some point I spent time with almost everybody. I feel like I got to know a few people really well and then some people I can’t even remember what we talked about.

Who did you connect most with in the house, aside from your Hunter Valentine band mates? Who are you a fan of?

Aimee: Candice [of Omar] and I still text and talk to each other all the time. I think in any other world we would have met and been instant friends. She’s someone I consider a friend and am really happy to have met. I loved what she did and I respected everything that she did. Anjuli as well! We don’t really talk but I feel like whenever we did have moments together she was a rad chick.

If you could have anyone’s career, whose would you want? Who inspires you?

Aimee: When it comes to thinking about my future and keeping my age in mind, I think my friends are tired of hearing me reference Sheryl Crow. I reference her and I think about her because she has had such a long career, but it didn’t start in her teens. At least it wasn’t in the mainstream in her teens. I’m sure she was working for years before she hit it. That’s someone I always think of and I’m like, ’Alright, Aimee. Grammys 2016!’ I’ll be 30.

Find out what happens with Aimee, Hunter Valentine and all the musicians on the next Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.