VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Omar Joins Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project

VH1’s primetime line-up was all about shocking surprises. On Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Linda Perry shocked the other artists by throwing a new band, Omar, into the mix while on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Yung Joc took his disrespect towards Karlie Redd to a whole new level.

On Hit The Floor Jelena discovered all of Sloane’s research on Oscar while on while on Dating Naked Diane was pleasantly surprised by Dan’s chivalrous ways. Watch these highlights plus more moments from this week on VH1!

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project: Linda Perry Switches Up Omar’s Sound and Style

Just as quickly as Linda Perry sent Noah Hunt home, she just as quickly replaced him with a new act. After surprising the rest of the artists by adding the band, Omar (comprised of Candice and Nick) into the mix, Linda has her first studio session with the band. After hearing Candice play one of her own original songs, Linda decides that that should be the new direction of the band. Will Nick be able to adjust to this new style of music? Will Omar be able to keep up with the rest of the competition?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Yung Joc Stoops To A New Low

Earlier this season we watched Karlie Redd go in on Yung Joc’s sidepiece/realtor when she learned that the two of them had been sleeping together. While out at a fashion show with Erica, Karlie is horrified to find her man out with this so-called “Missy Piggy” / “teletubbie”. Believing that Joc was in New York for business, Karlie confronts him about being in Atlanta and taking his disrespect to a whole new level.

Hit The Floor: Jelena Discovers Sloane’s Research

Ever since Sloane became the new Director of the Devil Girls, Jelena has been keeping an eye out for anything that could get rid of her. While Sloane steps away from her office to talk to Oscar, Jelena begins snooping Sloane’s desk for Ahsha’s choreography notes. However Jelena finds all of Sloane’s investigation research on Oscar – including the microphone with the recordings of the medical examiner! Will Jelena show her findings to Oscar? What will she do with this research? We cannot wait to see what happens next!!!

Dating Naked: Dan Surprises Diane

While on her paddle boarding date with Dan, Diane is not really attracted to Dan’s geeky side and lack of masculinity. However, once the couple arrives to their destination, Diane is surprised by Dan’s chivalry and gentleman-like ways. The two end up having an insightful and deep conversation, which has Diane viewing Dan in a different light.

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Calls Out The Moms

After jumping through hoops to impress the school moms at the farm fundraiser, Nicole is questioned if the eggs she brought are really from her own farm. Because she was called out, Nicole gets real with the snooty school moms about how they have been treating her and not including her in events. Will Nicole’s honesty clear the air between them or just create more tension?

LeAnn & Eddie: LeAnn Bonds With Her Dad

While home in Nashville, LeAnn is so busy with meetings and work obligations that she is barely able to spend anytime with her family. Near the end of her trip, LeAnn shares a heartfelt moment in her family’s backyard as she and her father, Wilbur, sing a duet of the first song he ever taught her to sing. This scene was so beautiful to watch and we’re glad that LeAnn was able to put aside time for some much-needed family bonding.

Is Karlie done with Yung Joc for good? What will Jelena do with Sloane’s investigation materials? What was your favorite show to watch this week?

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