All In The VH1 Stars: It’s Leo Season!

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From July 23rd to August 23rd it’s all about being a Leo!

You can’t miss a Leo, because they’re always out to be the center of attention. Known for their ambition, enthusiasm, and constant need to make an impression, Leos are often strong willed and consider themselves leaders and rulers. If anyone would is going to try and boss up, it’s a Leo.

Symbolized by the lion, Leos are always eager to see things through even if they get on everyone’s last nerve along the way. Outgoing, self-assured, and fearless Leos often have a difficult time dealing with pride and seem to always need to grab a slice of humble pie.

Many are attracted to a Leo for their courage and the dignified way they carry themselves in life, check out who’s representing the Leo sign from VH1 shows old and new, and tell us if you could tell based on the description above if they really seem to be about that Leo life.

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