BT Dubs, LeAnn & Eddie Have Butt Cake Drama

In this week’s LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn has made a delicious breakfast for she and hubby, Eddie but all can not be enjoyed before Eddie gets word that a magazine spread he’s shooting is happening ASAP. Did we mention he’ll be shirtless?

A frazzled Eddie is concerned about eating pancakes and looking cut in Men’s Health but his attentions soon get turned to LeAnn’s cakes. That’s right, LeAnn taking a picture of her food, inadvertently tweeted a picture of her assets wearing nothing but an apron and some panties in the background.

Do you think Eddie can stick to a regime that will help him shed the pancake weight? Do you think LeAnn will be able to delete her butt pic before the world notices? Find out on all new LeAnn & Eddie Thursday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.