Benzino Talks About Althea’s Past, Weddings + Honeymoons: VH1 Exclusive

When you’re truly in love time isn’t a factor, ask Benzino and Althea who after a social media hook up and few bumps in the road are ready to spend their forever together.

But before they jump the broom, Benzino talked exclusively to VH1 earlier this season about the details of his wedding and honeymoon with #ThiThi, if he really has looked beyond Althea’s tainted past, and explains why he really loves his bride-to-be.

VH1: You and Althea are wasting no time, what’s the status of the nuptials?
Benzino: Well we still plan on getting married this summer. Its funny how our engagement has kind of changed the rules of engagement. A lot of people don’t know that she gave me an engagement ring also. You know, cause it seems like guys give the big diamond, and what does he get? Of course he gets the girl, and that’s the best gift of all, but you know, we like to wear jewelry too. So she popped up and gave me an engagement ring. I don’t know, it makes me feel more mature [laughs]. It really does, I’m really proud about getting married.

What details can you share about the wedding?
Planning the wedding is a lot because you know her family is in New York, my family is in Boston, and of course we have a lot of friends in Atlanta. It’s going to be, man, what can I say, the wedding is going to be big; the party after that is going to be bigger. I think we’re going to be partying for the whole weekend.

Have you decided on a honeymoon destination?
Althea’s been talking about Turks and Caicos; she’s never been there. So maybe we’ll go there or maybe Jamaica, both of us have never been to Jamaica. Someplace for a week or two,it’s been a long season of shooting so definitely we’re going to need, some time to ourselves, just time to unwind. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m really happy. I love her.

So at this point Althea’s past is really a non-factor?
We’re not perfect, we have our ups and downs. Althea had a past, I had a past. We had to face that, say our life is starting now and move towards the future. I usually have a real hard time with trying to deal with somebody’s past combined with my jealousy. This season I’ve dealt with, and the past does not exist under any circumstances.

How so?
What I’ve learned is that when you love somebody, if it’s unconditional love and you truly want to be with them the rest of your life, the past really does not exist. Unless the past is something of your accomplishments or something positive, as far as who she was with or anything, it really doesn’t matter. I am able to block it out now because all I see is her, and it’s a beautiful thing.

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