Linda Had Enough On Make Or Break: Did She Make The Right Call?

Tonight on episode four of Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Linda gave the musicians the ultimate challenge: write a new song, with chords that she gave them, in fifteen minutes. Obviously quite a task, but always leading by example, Linda Perry gave the challenge whirl herself. While some of the musicians flourished (Anjuli, Omar) others faltered under the pressure (Hunter Valentine, Mackenzie Johnson).

[The remainder of this post contains spoilers for episode 4 of Make Or Break.]

Linda, feeling frustrated with the inability to get some of the artists to shake it off and show their authentic self, made a tough decision and asked another musicians to leave the Make Or Break house. Ultimately, Mackenzie packed her bags, after Linda felt like she just couldn’t get the talented musician to lose her inhibitions and just scream. Like, she literally couldn’t scream when Linda was saying her face: “Scream for me!”

It was sad and kinda surprising but maybe not that shocking as Linda has been trying to get the guitar playing songstress to sing louder and prouder since day one. What do you think about Linda’s decision? Was it the right one or should she have given Mackenzie more time to prove herself?

Do You Think Mackenzie Should Have Gone Home?

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