Kalenna Don’t F*** With Tony’s Babies’ Mommas

Mold is in the air at Kalenna and Tony’s home and studio on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and so the power couple now have to find a new crib for their growing family. In a bonus clip from episode 15, Kalenna and Tony check out a beautiful home with nine bedrooms. (Nine bedrooms for nine kids!) So what’s the catch?

The mansion goes for 2.2 million dollars and Tony says he and his singer wife need to keep things focused and this home isn’t in their budget. Kalenna thinks this is where their focus should be: on their growing clan with room for their parents to visit. Tony jokes, “Yeah, and my baby mammas?!” But Kalenna’s all, “I don’t f*** with your babies’ mommas!”

What do you think the duo will decide? Is this beautiful home in their future or will they find something more modest before Kalenna gives birth to their baby? Stay tuned on all new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT.