Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Hints That We’ll Be Seeing More Of Olivia In The Finale

Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week’s post features shots of Olivia herself, an adorable shot from the episode’s table read, and a truly unfair photo featuring the gorgeous, buff cast and crew devouring Krispy Kremes on the set. Seriously, how is that fair that they get to eat donuts and look like that??

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This is what our table reads look like. Seriously. How gorgeous is this cast? I look down the table at these faces and I swoon. This is the first table read where there was no separate Showrunner and Director seats. I pulled double duty this week (and next week for the finale). Directing a show I know inside and out, and working with actors who are friends, is an experience I can’t describe. The trust we have in each other resulted in performances like Brent and Don’s in that awful scene between Jude and Oscar, and Jodi’s performance in the ladies room when Lionel lost her baby. Just really special moments with special people. Sorry, if you were expecting my usual jokes, I got none for this pic. I love these people to death. Family since Day One.

On this day in Hit The Floor history, Robert Christopher Riley surprised an entire arena full of cast and crew with HOT OUT OF THE OVEN Krispy Kreme donuts. Like, melt in your mouth, paste before you can bite down on it glazed awesomeness. Here McKinley enjoys one after pushing six Devil Girls to the floor to get to them. Four of them died but not before enjoying a glazed donut themselves.

Fun Fact: Hit The Floor films two episodes at the same time. So while this Terrence and Jelena scene was in this week’s episode, it’s actually the final scene we filmed with Logan and Rob. Here Rob celebrates by lifting my 6’3″ ass like it was nothing. AND I HAVE CAKES! Okay, not Rob cakes. Or Logan cakes. But who does? #theygotcakes #suddenlyiwantcake

Here’s the hottest fashion this fall, Devils Baby Kicks! (Air Romans?) They’re a lot more adorable if you ignore the fact that Lionel threw them away after miscarrying. The fact that I now own them speaks nothing to my sick sense of humor and more to the fact that I am a professional dumpster diver.

Here I am with Olivia. In the pics Oscar’s P.I. snapped, we got to see Jude and Raquel looking desperate, Derek and Kyle looking…less than entertained, and Jelena looking like she was about to play a game of Whack-a-Hoe. This is my “aw hell naw” face. You’ll see a little more of Olivia in the season finale. And a lot more of Who Done It. You might want to cancel your plans Monday night. And the rest of the week to recover.