VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Is Nikko A Married Man?

This week VH1 was all about sad news filled with twists and turns. On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi learned that Nikko is married while on Hit The Floor Oscar disowned Jude as his son. On Dating Naked, Chuck questioned if he was ready for the sexual adventurous woman that is Kristen.

On Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Mackenzie Johnson was sent home while on LeAnn & Eddie LeAnn accidentally shared a picture of her butt with the Twittersphere. Watch these highlights plus more moments from this week on VH1!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Is Nikko A Married Man?

If you ask us, from the very start we were never 100% down with Nikko and Mimi’s relationship. After the infamous “leaking” of the sex tape, which certainly had us questioning if that was Nikko’s doing, like Ariane, our doubts about him have skyrocketed. In this week’s episode, Mimi confronts Nikko about an article on MediaTakeOut, which claims that Nikko is married. When Mimi asks him about the headline, Nikko admits that the shocking media rumors are more than just gossip. GASP! How will Nikko be able to talk his way out of this one?

Hit The Floor: Oscar Disowns Jude As His Son

For weeks we have watched Jude work so diligently to impress his father, Oscar, and receive his approval. When Oscar learns that a female is digging into his business, Jude feels the need to tell his father what he knows about Raquel and Sloane’s investigation. When Jude goes to meet with Oscar he is shocked that Oscar knows of his gay lifestyle. With no emotion, Oscar states that Jude will never have his approval. It was heartbreaking to watch this exchange as Oscar disowns Jude as his son.

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project: Linda Perry Sends Mackenzie Johnson Home

After Mackenzie had a quiet and simple performance at SIR during Linda’s spontaneous three-chord challenge, Linda decides to have a one-on-one session with her. During the session Linda forces Mackenzie to release all her emotions and scream at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately Mackenzie is too composed and it not able to just let go. Afterwards Linda feels that Mackenzie has a lot more soul-searching left to do in order to have emotion into her music. As a result, Linda Perry decides to send Mackenzie home. In the legendary lyrics of Queen – another one bites the dust.

Dating Naked: Can Chuck Handle Kristen?

While wine tasting with Kristen, Chuck learns of Kristen’s kinky bedroom habits when it comes to intimacy. As he gets to know her better he begins to question if he is the right type of man for her and if he would be ready to take the next steps in their relationship. Would you be able to keep up with Kristen’s adventurous rendezvous?

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Lives Her Dream

After receiving devastating news from her doctor about her height and foot problems, Nicole decides to fulfill her dream of throwing the first pitch at a Dodgers game. With the help of her friend, Ben, Nicole takes a stand for shorties worldwide on the pitcher’s mound. We’ve never seen Nicole stand taller or more proud! You go girl!

LeAnn & Eddie: LeAnn Accidentally Tweets A Picture Of Her Butt

While eating breakfast Eddie finds out last minute that his upcoming photo shoot for Men’s Fitness is in a bathing suit by the pool. As Eddie prepares to go on a fitness kick, he sees that LeAnn accidentally tweeted a picture of her butt! LeAnn goes on to explain that she was sharing the photo of the pancakes she made, not realizing that you could see her butt in the mirror behind. Oh LeAnn!

Will Mimi stay with Nikko knowing that he is (potentially) married? What will Jude do now that Oscar has disowned him? Who will Linda Perry send home next?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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