That GIF Of Eddie Cibrian Getting Artificial Sun

Tonight on episode four of LeAnn & Eddie there was no bigger drama (not even LeAnn’s ass pic floating around the Twitter-verse) than Eddie’s fitness and diet regime for his Men’s Health shoot. Eddie went as far as to sign up for a spray tan to help his muscles pop for his photo session.

What was even funnier sadder was when Eddie found out his assistant Terrell got his wires crossed and it wasn’t a spread in a bathing suit. It was a spread in a suit-suit. A suity suit-suit. Oy. Eddie was anything but pleased but then gorged on a milkshake, a burger and fries then he was like, okay, whatever.

We leave you with this glorious GIF of Mr. Cibrian getting his abs sprayed and flexingggg. That is surely some liquid sunshine and probably tastes like Tang slash chalk.

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