Revalations, Voodoo + Snoop Dogg: Top Moments of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

  • NikkoMarried

    Since when is publicly with someone > married? Nikko have several seats.

  • BenzinoOpen

    Benzino is sooooo open.

  • ThisGuy

    Look at this guy. SMH.

  • JoselineStarStruck

    Star struck like a mutha…

  • WakaWont

    Waka c’mon were sure you spanked your meat in crazier places.

  • ArianeBoom

    “Boom!!!! And. There. It. Is.” – Ariane

  • MimiMad

    That one friend that gets mad when you try to tell them the truth.

  • CyberBulling

    Cyber bulling or nahhhhh?

  • DebAntneyTriplets

  • SnoopDoggReaction

    Snoop’s reaction to Stevie J’s revelation? Priceless.

  • KarlieReddWorking

    Karlie’s song is kind of cute right?

  • JocGodBless

    Ultimate shade? Giving someone a “God bless you,” when you are upset.

  • JohnnyScorned

    Johnny sounded like a scorned lover trying to throw even more salt in the game.

  • JoselineLeadMermaid


Wait, is it almost the end of the season already? Doesn’t look like Mimi is going to fall for Nikko’s B.S again? What’s the big deal about Waka making sure his swimmers still swim? How funny was it whenStevie called Joseline a “Puerto Rican alarm clock”? How cool was it to see cloud of smoke follow Snoop in every scene? Did Karlie Redd just want Yung Joc to see her in her video outfit? Whatttttt is going on?

Quickly scroll through the best moments of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode 16 in photos, and tune in next Monday to catch a all new episode 8:00 ET/PT.

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