Dating Naked Episode 4: That Awkward Moment When…You Have An Erection

In this Dating Naked episode we met the Vegas bartender Camille and Miami bikini salesman Chuck, two singles who had an great time with each other but found a bigger spark with their other naked daters. Check out the most awkward, but gif-able moments of the episode.

Camille had a great time with Chuck but really made a connection with the young tenderoni Rob. Rob may have been a few years Camille’s junior, but according to Camille not only had a six-pack but was packing as well. Her third date with the tatted free spirit Jullian was pretty uneventful unless you consider having boner the entire date a thrill. Camille chooses Rob at the end and they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Chuck had a good time with each of the women he dated, but found it hard to choose between what he described as the “bubbly champagne” Michelle, or the “fine wine” sophistication of Kristen. 42-year-old Kristen beat out Michelle, probably because she didn’t give up the goods the first night and made the over-confident Chuck feel like he had something to chase. Check out the best GIFs of the night:

Yoga naked. With a hard on. And you fall? Too much Jullian, too much.

Kristen made sure to keep Chuck hands out of her cookie jar.

The sexual flirtation that happens playing pool with clothes is um, “hard” enough.

The definition of letting it all hang out.

Most Awkward Line Of The Night: “I want you to hold my stick…but your definitely going to need two hands.”

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