Mimi Goes On Twitter Rant About Nikko And Last Night’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Episode

Last night on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta we watched Mimi find out from the horse’s mouth that her boyfriend and sextape partner was married to another woman. Yes, Nikko admitted to Mimi that he had a wife, but insisted it didn’t matter since he was “publicly” with Mimi. While we weren’t shocked Nikko could be so disrespectful, we did think Mimi was going to act as if all is forgiven.

But boy were we wrong, Mimi went on a Twitter rant to set the record straight. Although she has a past of going back to men who do her wrong (hey Stevie), Mimi made it clear she was not beat for Nikko’s B.S. Scroll through the pages to see exactly what Mimi had to say:

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