VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Olivia’s Murderer Is Revealed On Hit The Floor Season Finale

After a season long mystery it was finally revealed on Hit The Floor that Ahsha’s on-and-off again boyfriend, German, killed Olivia! The finale moments of the season finale shocked us to the core and we can’t wait to see how it all unravels in Season 3!

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J received some relationship advice from Snoop Dogg while on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Courtney Love stopped by Linda Perry’s studio to share some advice with the artists and critique their performances. Check out these highlights plus more memorable moments from this past week on VH1!

Hit The Floor: Olivia’s Murderer Is Revealed

On the season finale of Hit The Floor, the mystery was finally solved and Olivia’s murderer was revealed to be Ahsha’s on-ad-off again boyfriend, German! From what little details we know, it appears that Ahsha received a letter from Olivia and German retaliated in order to protect Ahsha. Was Olivia’s death an accident? Or does this good guy have a dark side? We CANNOT wait to see how this storyline plays out (along with all the other finale cliffhangers) when Hit The Floor returns with Season 3!

To watch how the cast reacted to the season finale and to see alternate endings, check out the Hit The Floor Season Finale After Show!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie J Gets A Life Lesson From Snoop Dogg

While out in L.A. recording music with Snoop Dogg, Stevie J talked to the “Dog Father” about his relationship with Joseline and everything that has been going on between him, Althea, and Benzino. We were pretty shocked that Stevie J FINALLY confessed to having smashed da homie! When Snoop Dog advises Stevie to confess the truth to both Benzino and Joseline, will Stevie J follow Snoop’s words of wisdom?

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project: Courtney Love Critiques The Artists

This week Linda Perry invited Courtney Love to her studio, Kung Fu Gardens, to meet with the musicians and critique their performances. After sharing some advice about how to become a successful artist in the music business, Courtney Love judges the performances of Hunter Valentine, Gabriel Mayers, and Anjuli Stars. Like Linda Perry, her straightforward attitude provided some great constructive criticism for the artists. Do you agree with Courtney Love’s comments?

Dating Naked: Will Mike and Diana Hit It Off?

From the moment we saw Diana on screen her awkward laugh even made us feel uncomfortable. During her date with Mike we watched the two of them try to hit it off while playing croquet. Diana opens up about being cheated on in the past and later on in the episode when Mike ran off with Candace, all those negative emotions resurfaced. Nevertheless, this extremely awkward croquet date provided us with a good laugh!

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Turns Up The Heat In The Kitchen

If you have ever seen an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef, Chopped, or basically any cooking show, you know how intense working in a kitchen can be. When Nicole has the opportunity to work as a chef in one of her favorite restaurants, she is excited to live out her dream job. However, under the high-speed pressure things get messy as Nicole is not able to keep up. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

LeAnn & Eddie: LeAnn Installs A Car Seat

When LeAnn offers to babysit her friend’s infant for the day, she is excited to step into the shoes of being a new mom again. However, things become a bit hectic when LeAnn has to juggle her career and a child. Before leaving for a business meeting LeAnn has some difficulty installing a car seat in the back of her. Will LeAnn be able to balance her career and children when the time comes?

What was written in Ahsha’s red envelope that promoted German to kill Olivia? Will Stevie J be honest with Joseline about his relationship with Althea? Do you agree with Courtney Love’s performance critiques?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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